The kind of limo you take to Marshall’s

Pretty in pink by zakattak
Pretty in pink, a photo by zakattak on Flickr.


AirBNB and locks

Why isn’t there a way for AirBNB to work either with NFC or some SMS / bluetooth enabled ‘smart lock’ so that you don’t have to physically meet up with the owner to get keys?

Especially when so many buildings these days charge thousands of dollars to re-key the building in case of loss of the exterior door key – and have an external buzzer / dialer. Wouldn’t it be easier to setup your entry to point to your google voice number, and when you have guests, forward it to Twilio which would then either buzz the person in, or not, based on an API ┬ácall to AirBNB’s backend?

For the interior door key, something like this would be good:



This could also integrate with the app.


Imagine, also, having a hotel keycard like a Zipcar keycard.

That would work in any Marriott or even all Starwood Preferred Guest properties, and that based on my smartphone booking, would be allowed to enter the room that I booked. Skip the checkin counter, and just proceed directly to my room.



Ideas for EMS response systems / public service

What if there was an Uber for tow trucks? Would AAA or CHP or Caltrans or other municipalities pay for this type of thing to shorten response time? I got this idea after watching the National Geographic series ‘Hell on the Highway’ in which they will make a radio call for a specific company, and if that company doesn’t show up at the crash scene within 30 minutes, they give up the call. Sort of like Domino’s Pizza.

Exploring the East Bay–Hayward Regional Shoreline


Prescott..california by zakattak
Prescott..california, a photo by zakattak on Flickr.


Untitled by zakattak
Untitled, a photo by zakattak on Flickr.

French toast


Ice by zakattak
Ice, a photo by zakattak on Flickr.

Taken @ Lake Margaret in Tahoe / Kirkwood