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In a previous post I discussed installing the open source VMware tools for Red Hat Enterprise/Scientific/CentOS Linux 6 from a yum package repository provided by VMware. This is in contrast to using the version distributed directly with VMware ESX/ESXi, which with the Linux platform was not provided in an RPM package format. With the upgrade to ESXi 5 the update process for the tools installed from the repository is not very seamless because of some update issues in addition to package changes.

First off, to get the VMware tools packages updated it is important to upgrade to the latest version of Red Hat/Scientific/CentOS Linux 6 due to some issues with the yum version distributed originally with 6.0. VMware has disabled the automatic update due to this issue:


I am using Scientific Linux 6, for Red Hat and CentOS the upgrade process should be similar but most likely will haveā€¦

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