Monsanto – selling a ‘pig in a poke’

Monsanto used its wiles for over 15 years to make sure that its seeds and products are the ones that farmers use exclusively. Monstrosity made sure that it appeared to be a bargain – farmers couldn’t resist the “innovation” of RoundUp resistant crops. Farmers now know they reaped a raw deal. They were promised less weeds with the use of more RoundUp chemicals, but this summer have witnessed the worst weeds ever known. Thick stemmed, relentless and some with four-inch thick stems. The super weeds laugh in the face of herbicides as they are so resistant, the sopping chemical cocktails do nothing. The upkeep is costing farmers more than pre-Monsanto days and more hired help is needed to hack through the mess. Just like agrarian times. Innovation makes full circle. ~Health Freedoms–-won’t-die/


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