PCoIP | EVGA PCoIP, XenDesktop HDX

Whoa. I was searching for ways to send DVI and HDMI over ethernet, and I came across the recently-formed HDX and PCoIP protocols. Very interesting stuff.


Windows client supports VMware’s new PCoIP protocol – News – Windows for Devices

PCoIP Can someone explain? – [H]ard|Forum


PCoIP : That’s my View

You want to tell me PCoIP performance is bad?

PCoIP support for the iPad : That’s my View

End user experience using VMware View (PCoIP) | Virtual Architect

Installing a Linux PCoIP View Client | Justin’s IT Blog

Performance benchmark RDP – PCoIP | Edwin Friesen – Application & Desktop Delivery

M&A Technology – Samsung Integrated PC-over-IP Technology

Teradici | CrunchBase Profile

M&A Technology – Solutions -PC Central Over IP

M&A Technology – Solutions -PC Central Over IP

Teradici PCoIP Thin Client & Host Card Solution: An Overview | ThinkVirt

Do PCoIP claims stand up to the test? » ocb – Citrix Community



PCoIP vs. ICA/HDX: A Simple Experiment

Look out PC-over-IP! Citrix announces new host-side GPU-based encoding for HDX 3D – Brian Madden – BrianMadden.com

virtualization.info | PCoIP vs HDX, Essentials sales volume, System Center vs vSphere: marketing war never ends

XenDesktop with HDX vs. View with PCoIP – See it for yourself! » ocb – Citrix Community



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