[trackback] interesting article on hybrid cloud management


via Hybrid Cloud Computing: The Future Trend in Cloud | Cloud Computing Journal.


<blockquote><a href=”http://cloudcomputing.sys-con.com/node/1682640″>Hybrid Cloud Computing: The Future Trend in Cloud</a>

— Cloud computing has been a boon to conserving resources by providing a farm of servers that are concurrently used by multiple users. Cloud computing precludes the requirement for setting up per-user servers. In a recent InformationWeek survey of business technology professionals, most have indicated a preference for cloud computing for storage, archiving, and disaster recovery, for business applications, servers, raw computing power, dedicated data center space, databases, and specialized IT services such as security, management and compliance.

Cloud computing may be public or private. In public cloud computing resources are shared over the Internet on a fine-grained self-service basis such as Amazon EC2. Private cloud computing is the equivalent of public cloud computing on a private network. Resource efficiencies associated with public cloud computing outweigh those associated with private cloud computing due to the limited scope of private cloud computing as it is isolated to an enterprise. Private cloud computing does provide the benefits of enterprise level security and reliability. Most applications are designed for the tightly coupled enterprise environment and switching costs are involved to migrate them to loosely coupled cloud environments.  </blockquote>


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