Nokia N770 web browser crashing….

So I have an old school iPad. The Nokia N770 running Linux.

Specifically Maemo linux – which could be considered the grandaddy of Android.

Every time I launched the browser I would get the error “Internal error. Application ‘Web’ closed.”

I did some searching and only found a bug on closed as WONTFIX >>

So I jumped in the #maemo IRC and asked a few questions – pretty much got shut down as maemo is basically abandon-ware at this point. Especially OS2007 which is what I am running on my iPad Nano (I mean my Nokia tablet).

Eventually after some more searching and trial and error (removing the MicroB app, etc) , and removing the Opera Cache in /home/users/opera/cache4, I found the download.dat file in /home/users/opera. Removing that brought me back to a working state and the browser launched without issue.

I would trackback to the post where I found that solution but I can’t find it in my history….


2 thoughts on “Nokia N770 web browser crashing….

  1. Thanks,

    I would thank you for this tip: removing /home/user/.opera/download.dat file. This made my N770 with 0S2007HE able to browse the WEB again, after few months of immediate crashes when launching Opera.


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