July 30th, ’10 – Multiple phones for the day

This morning, since I burned through both batteries on my Treo Pro yesterday, I decided to leave the house with a fully charged HTC Touch Pro running SwinnRom (Winmo 6.5 w/ Office 2010 Mobile, Bing skin and carrier apps delete).

I unplugged the phone at 10:30 AM and it was totally dead by 2pm. That’s only 3.5 hours of Tweeting and emailing. I only made about 5 short phone calls and sent a few SMS’s. This could be due to the age of the battery or the cooked ROM but it’s still pretty terrible.

I didn’t have time to activate the Treo when I came back and took it off the charger, so I had both phones off for a while.

When I got lost a little later in the afternoon, and my friends’ Iphone had zero bars of signal I had to do something. Since I had no internet access I whipped out my trusty T-mobile Nokia dumbphone (which I haven’t charged for 4 days, and it still had more than 90% battery remaining). I called Sprint customer care and had my Treo back up and running within <10 mins, with 5 bars of 3g signal where Iphones fear to tread.

I then used Google Maps with the phones native GPS to get a quick lock and route to my destination as I didn’t want to wait for the bloated Telenav app to fire up. Now at 5pm I’m down to 55% battery, which is not too bad but I will probably have to swap batteries later today, and will be on 2 phones for the day.

If I can stay easy on the data I may be able to nurse a standard battery through the day but doubt it.


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