Data/smartphone diet

For the past two weeks I have gone on a “data diet”. I deactivated my smartphone (Palm Treo Pro, Windows Mobile Professional 6.1) and activated a Sanyo Katana LX.

I found the following to be true
-People could hear me very well – in fact, many people thought I was talking on a landline in an office
-The battery lasted for two days or more without charging.
-I could remain on marathon sessions of call after call for hours without even making a dent in the battery.
-I paid far more attention to my surroundings and was more engaged in social situations. Rather than constantly checking in on Foursquare or tweeting what was going on, or taking pictures of it, I was actually experiencing it and enjoying the moment.

-I was actually more productive due to being less responsive to email. Rapid-fire, shot-from-the-hip email is not really the answer to increased productivity.

What were the drawbacks?
-Having to use an external GPS
-Having to look up more things in advance rather than on the fly
-Not checking facebook until I got home
-Lack of ability to SSH into a server and SCP data to another location in the cloud and grep for particular content in error logs (which I did on my Nokia iPad Nano instead, when I was in range of wifi)


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